About us


The Firm

Mark Schiliro, formerly of KPMG and Grosvenor Schiliro has extensive experience with over 30 years as a chartered accountant. This experience has led us to being the current auditor for 10 listed companies.

MNSA prides itself on providing personalised partner service to our clients while keeping fees at an affordable level. The firm is structured so that efficiencies can be gained from appropriate tasks being completed by staff at the relevant level, with quality maintained by adequate supervision and review procedures by senior personnel. Meeting our clients’ needs in a rapidly changing business environment has led to the development of an extended range of business services drawing on all areas of our expertise. We provide extensive services in the following areas:

Auditing services

Tax planning & consulting

Management accounting

Our Philosophy

MNSA maintains the philosophy that our clients receive value for money in the services provided.

To achieve this we have instigated the following infrastructure/methodology within our company:

  1. Overheads are regularly monitored and budgets restricted to ensure the practice is running “lean and mean”.
  2. Staff have a detailed knowledge of all areas of accounting, taxation and indirect taxes.
  3. We don’t maintain pure “researchers” within the firm. Staff are kept up to date with frequent staff training, external courses and information from a network of training firms.

Service oriented

At MNSA we believe all clients are entitled to receive a service which is timely, informative and meets all statutory requirements. MNSA operates under a policy where there is always a second senior staff member or partner who is aware of your operations. This means that we can always meet your needs, even when certain staff may be unavailable.


The firm brings together a diverse spread of experience in all facets of accounting and taxation which can be applied to meet any circumstances facing our clients. The structure and experience of our firm means that we can cope with all requirements ranging from large private and public company auditing, accounting and taxation to small individual taxation returns, all at a competitive price. We have experience in a wide variety of industries including:

  • manufacturing
  • real estate
  • mining
  • oil and gas
  • retail
  • wholesale
  • insurance
  • publishing
  • hospitality
  • investment
  • property
  • construction
  • medical
  • legal
  • superannuation
  • associations
  • telecommunications


Liability limited by the Accountants Scheme, approved under the Professional Standards Act 1994 (NSW)