Mark Schiliro

Mark Schiliro

Managing Director / Registered Company Auditor
Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and Systems

Mark Schiliro is a director of the registered auditing firm MNSA Pty Limited and a director of the chartered accountancy firm MNSA Financial Services Pty Limited.


Mark Schiliro specialises in audit and large corporate accounting, business services, taxation, private property trusts and property syndications. He has over forty years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant, and completed his Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and Systems from the University of New South Wales. Mark was formerly with KPMG for sixteen years, a partner in the Chartered Accountancy firm Grosvernor Schiliro and has been a non-executive independent director of Armidale Investment Corporation Limited.

Mark is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a registered tax agent, a registered company auditor and has recent experience of being the auditor of ten listed companies.

Key Expertise
  • Australian and global financial reporting regulatory requirements
  • IFRS/AASB accounting standards
  • Auditing standards
  • Ethical Standards
  • Corporate Governance
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