Auditing and Assurance Services

Auditing and Assurance Services

Our company auditing and assurance services are structured to enhance effectiveness and efficiency for our clients, focusing on personalised client service in order to add value and guarantee both quality and productivity.

MNSA Auditing and Assurance Team

We recognise that every client is unique, requiring an audit plan tailored to its particular operations, accounting processes, control environment and financial reporting requirements. We focus on:

  • listed company statutory audits
  • statutory audits ranging from small private companies to large private and public companies
  • real estate trusts
  • solicitors trusts
  • registered clubs and associations
  • advice on establishment of reporting systems and assistance with implementation
  • superannuation funds
  • unit Trusts
  • discretionary trusts
  • compliance audits
  • strata audits
  • workers compensation returns

We currently audit the following listed companies:

Aeeris Limited
Austpac Resources Limited
Impelus Limited
Ironbark Capital Limited
iSentric Limited
Malachite Resources Limited
Mobecom Limited
MNF Group Limited
Pilot Energy Limited
Whitefield Limited